What Do Interns Spend Their Time Working On?

The stereotype of interns making copies and fetching dry cleaning all summer may still hold true at some companies but thankfully for most this is not the case.  According to NACE’s (The National Association of Colleges and Employers) 2013 Internship & Co-op Survey, the majority of interns are working on meaningful projects and only 1.9% of interns are wasting their time on “non-essential business functions.” So what do interns spend their time working on?

Here’s a summary of the NACE survey:


Why Interns?

Interns’ contributions at a company can be a valuable exchange for all parties involved.  Companies obviously benefit from the energy and insights of fresh eyes on important initiatives and also use the opportunity to feed their talent pipelines.  Students receive invaluable work experience and hopefully mentoring relationships.

And while there are over roughly 625 summer interns at Facebook and more than 1,000 at Google, at Readyforce there are three this summer.  There may not be a lot of them but they are working on some pretty awesome projects.

Interns at Readyforce

Here’s a quick summary of what our interns are working on at Readyforce this summer:

  • Andrew Wu and Tansen Zhu have been allocated $100,000 to build one of the largest gaming tournaments/networking events to the Bay Area: LANHAMMER.  
  • Jason Adleberg is designing and building from scratch a new interactive feature for students to connect with one another. This one is still under wraps but more details are coming soon. 

We think they’re having a pretty good time here.


Meet Readyforce’s 2013 summer interns: left to right – Tansen Zhu (UCSD’14), Jason Adleberg (Princeton ’14) and Andrew Wu (UCSD ’12).

What are your interns working on? 


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