VIDEO: StartupLife’13 Recap with Square and Soundcloud

StartupLife_welcomeLast night we hosted a live webcast from Stanford with tech industry gurus Zach Brock from Square and Paul Osman from Soundcloud.  Zach and Paul sat down with our CEO, Alex Mooradian to tell us what it’s really like to work at a startup, offer a behind the scenes look at the interviewing process at both companies as well as offer helpful hints for how to land a job at startups including their own.


Behind the scenes at StartupLive’13 with Paul Osman from Soundcloud, Zach Brock from Square and Alex Mooradian from Readyforce. Source: @JoinSquare

Student groups from all over the US and more than 20 universities held viewing parties and joined us online to tune into the conversation and ask questions via chat.

Did you miss it? Don’t worry, we taped it.

Here are just SOME of the great takeaways from the conversation:

  • It’s never boring at a startup. There’s always a chance to step in and take new projects on. Startups encourage meritocracy.
  • When you’re interviewing with companies, always remember that you are interviewing them as well.
  • Startups offer small teams with have a chance to have a huge impact.
  • At startups, the only limitation is how fast they can find really great people to work with.
  • “The first thing I look at on a resume is to see what the candidate has built.” – Zach Brock
  • One piece of advice: Dig into your technology communities. Contribute there. 
  • “The interview process SHOULD be hard, otherwise you probably won’t be pushed when you go there. You won’t be mentored.”
  • One thing you can do to make yourself standout as a candidate: Build something.
  • Startups are a great opportunity. You can truly optimize for learning.


Special thanks to our guest speakers, Zach and Paul for joining us.  And thanks to all the students that tuned in and participated. 

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Stay tuned for updates about the next StartupLife’13 event…

to VIDEO: StartupLife’13 Recap with Square and Soundcloud

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