Update: Last Stop Hacker Tour Coding Challenge

Update! New Prizes!

Top 50 Scores Prize Details:

Uber the mobile on demand private car service liked the coding challenge so much that they wanted to offer $20 in credit to the top 50 scores!

The $20 credit is for new Uber users only and can be used to summon your very own private driver in any of the 18 cities Uber cars roll in like New York, SF, Boston, Denver or LA.

Reminder! First place for the coding challenge is $1,500, $500 to 2nd Place and $200 to 3rd Place.  The 4th through 6th winners will receive Romo, the smartphone robot from Romotive.

Coding Challenge Update:

To make the challenge as fair and as fun as possible, Hacker Rank made some changes to the format of the coding challenge.

Hacker Rank has added a level to the Tron challenge. Your final score will be a combination of your level 1 & 2 scores.

The official scoring guidelines can be found at this link.
If you have any questions you can ask them directly on the Hacker Rank IRC channel or leave a comment below.

Check out level 2, submit code & see if your in the top 50 at:


The challenge closes Dec. 3rd! 

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