Top 5 Reasons Readyforce Happily Moved to San Francisco

Number 1: Well, There’s This…


 Image via Rob Theis.

And we could stop there but there is more to share. 

Here are the other top 4 reasons Readyforce is glad we moved offices from Menlo Park to San Francisco.

Number 2: Apparently, SoMa District Is Where It’s At

We knew we were on to something, because it just felt right for us to move now. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones. This past week we got some new neighbors when Pinterest announced, albeit a little more flashy than we did, via the Mayor, that they too were moving to SoMa. Welcome folks.

Here’s where we are… on a map.

Original image Islands of SF from Burrito Justice.

Number 3: San Francisco Growing Epicenter of Talent

EWHerry Recruiter Honeypot

From Elaine Wherry’s recent post, the Recruiter Honeypot, which outlines her 2-year experiment on trying to attract talent and what she learned about Silicon Valley’s talent war, she rightly outlines how there’s been a surge of hiring engineering talent in San Francisco. To quote her post, The entrepreneurial epicenter is no longer Palo Alto. If you’re south of San Mateo, figure out your SF strategy now.”

We’re happy to be here.

Number 4: Shorter Commute = Happy Readyforce

We’ve heard it before, less commute can make for happier team members. According to a 2011 British study, there is a strong correlation between life satisfaction and commuting time (see chart below). 


After moving to San Francisco, the Readyforce team, on average, has a shorter commute by 15 minutes. We think that’s a great savings and boost to morale. 

Number 5: Open Shared Office Space = Pretty Pinterestable Daily Views

Readyforce San Francisco at StartUpHQ

Seen this space before? These are our new digs. It’s a common space and it’s great. You may have seen it over on Pinterest, often pinned on boards titled “Cool Office Spaces.”  We agree.  Oh and follow us on Pinterest too.

Also, one of the cast members for the new Bravo show “Silicon Valley” is filming here, so you might see some of us in the background.  No promises though.

The Downsides? 

The water filter at the common sink takes foreverrrrr to fill up our water bottles and that makes Cat sad.


We like it better when Cat is happy. 

Plus there are quite a few dishes in the sink by the end of the day, which makes Devin itch.


By the way, that label says “Please put dirty dishes in dishwasher, do not leave in sink”.  Um OK…

Other than that, we’re psyched to be here!

Our new address is 185 Clara Street, San Francisco, CA.

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