Top 10 Cities For New College Grads in 2013 and Companies That Are Hiring There

Top Ten Cities for New college grads and the companies that are hiring wrote an article today featuring’s published list of the top 10 cities for new college grads to live in 2013. ┬áMy feeling is that if you have coding skills the world is your oyster (what does that mean anyway?). That said, you may want to move to a city where some of your friends will also stand a chance at landing a decent job and be able to pay rent with some moulah left over for a social life.

So we thought we’d match up the list from with some of the companies that are connecting with students on Readyforce in case you want to look in one of these “top ten” cities.

City Mean annual income Median price for a 1-BR apartment Unemployment rate Companies on Readyforce(Click on the name to visit their profile.)
Atlanta, GA $46,600 $800 8.4% The Builder School
Boston, MA $57,500 $1,590 5.9% Hubspot
Lose It!
Houston, TX $47,500 $800 6% The Square Foot
2 Sigma
Denver, CO $50,300 $970 7.4% Sendgrid

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn. $49,800 $900 5.1% Avenue 81
Seattle, WA $54,800 $1,300 6.7% Facebook
Dallas, TX $46,200 $900 5.9% Capital One
Raleigh, NC $45,200 $800 7.5% Bronto Software
Washington, DC $62,900 $1,600 5.2% Adashi Systems
Echo Ditto
SI Government Solutions
Blue Wolf
St. Louis, Mo. $44,200 $960 7% Second Street


Source: via Forbes

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