Student Spotlight: Marianne Jullian, Princeton 2013 to Join AdRoll


Marianne Jullian, Princeton class of 2013 to join AdRoll

Marianne Jullian, or Mars as her classmates at Princeton know her, is a familiar face on Readyforce – well, she should be, she’s on our homepage! Mars first created her Readyforce profile in what she thought was just an experiment to gain exposure to exciting startups.  As an early beta student, she was pleasantly rewarded. After following eight companies and connecting with another dozen, Mars received four offers from companies on Readyforce.  This past week, Mars informed us that she has officially accepted an engineering position with AdRoll and will move to the Bay Area following graduation in May 2013.  Congratulations Mars and AdRoll!

Choosing between the four offers was no easy task, Mars told us.  But ultimately, AdRoll’s energetic culture connected with her and she felt that it would be a great company where she could apply her design mentality to problem solving.  Mars is looking forward to working on client side projects where she can regularly contribute and have the opportunity to continue to learn.

When we asked Mars what her favorite feature about Readyforce was, she emphatically replied: “the browsing! I loved being able to discover interesting and small companies that otherwise would not have been on my radar screen. That feature was totally unique to Readyforce and something that I couldn’t find on campus.”

We are happy that we could help Mars and AdRoll connect!

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