In the Spotlight: SinglePlatform’s Adam Liebman

Since I work at a company that helps students find and launch incredible careers, SinglePlatform, has always caught my attention—they help awesome local businesses get discovered and gain new customers.

This week, I actually had the pleasure of chatting with Adam Liebman, VP of Sales at SinglePlatform, about his role there, graduating college, and even his sweet tooth.

CK: Hi, Adam. In a couple sentences, what does SinglePlatform do?

AL: SinglePlatform helps local businesses get discovered and gain new customers. Our goal is to help businesses easily list their products, services and prices EVERYWHERE online.

CK: Awesome. So, how did you join the team at SinglePlatform?

AL: I joined in September of 2010 (we were founded in January 2010). I was approached by Kenny Herman—we had a couple of mutual friends and had kicked around starting a company of our own. He told me I had to meet with this guy, Wiley (SinglePlatform’s CEO) he was working with, and they were going to do something big. I remember leaving my meeting with Wiley blown away. I’d never met a CEO with such a clear, intelligent, inspiring vision. I knew immediately it was the type of team I wanted to join, and SinglePlatform hired me on to prove [that] the inside sales model could work.

CK: What’s your favorite part of your job?

AL: My favorite part of working at SinglePlatform is the ridiculously talented group of people I get to accomplish things with every day. Our culture is our most valuable asset, and when I look around at our team each morning, I think to myself, “how’d I get so lucky to work with this crew?” Everyone is genuinely excited to come to work, and we all focus on what each of us does best to “push the flywheel forward” as a team.

CK: I totally get that—I feel the same way about Readyforce. What would you say is the coolest thing about SinglePlatform?

AL: Besides the unlimited ice pops in the freezer, or the 18 different types of candy on my desk, the coolest things at SinglePlatform are the people who work here. We have a full team of A+ players, and everyone contributes.

CK: What advice would you give to college students or recent grads?

AL: If you’re a college student or recent graduate, my #1 piece of advice would be to take a job that you’re genuinely excited about. It can be a lot of things that make you excited…the team you’ll be working with, the amount of money you’ll be making, the product you’ll be helping to design, the research you’ll be doing for a cause that inspires you…but no matter what, don’t settle. Keep applying, and keep searching until you find something you can get behind.

CK: Looking back, what do you wish you knew leaving college, entering the “real world?”

AL: I think the one thing I wish I’d known leaving Mizzou is the fact that there are so many jobs out there that they don’t tell you about in your classes. For example, I didn’t know that I could be a “Media Sales Associate” when I left school, and I didn’t even know what that meant. But I applied anywhere, and a week later, I had my first job at a company called Alpha 411 (now Yext). Don’t ever count yourself out because you don’t think you meet a job description’s criteria. Mark Suster has a great post on this, he calls it “punching above your weight class.”

CK: So, what does your typical day look like?

AL: I wish I had a typical day! There’s too many things to list. Email, helping the sales team, testing new products, putting together commission plans, spreadsheets, listening to salespeople, working on our training program, going after strategic accounts, delegating responsibilities—running a sales team at a start-up means every day is filled with new things.

CK: I can relate! On a bit of a different note, what are your favorite websites, blogs or ways to stay informed?

AL: I’m a Twitter guy. I think the service is incredible—you can make it anything you want. If you want it to be funny, you can do that. If you want it to be newsy, you can do that. If you want it to be sporty, you can do that. Twitter is changing the way people process and consume all types of information, and it helps keep me well-informed at any hour of the night.

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