Road Trip! Readyforce Hacker Tour 2012

Road trip anyone?

Here at Readyforce we’re really excited to announce Hacker Tour 2012. Starting this fall, over 8-weeks, our team will embark on a whirlwind tour bringing the top startups and technology companies to 25 college and university campuses.  Our goal: to connect the best and the brightest with the best places to intern and find work after graduation.
Startups and technology companies are inarguably some of the most exciting places to work today.  Companies like SquareCodeacademy and Quixey, to name a few, are hives of innovation that value fast pace, critical thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Everyday, these companies are deep in the trenches, pumping out new product, code and innovative ideas.  They are also always looking to beef up their expanding teams with the top talent.

But how to do both? And do it well?

When we spoke with some of the sharpest minds in our network, they all agreed: ‘We’d love to recruit the top graduating talent, but we just can’t be at every school.’

Yes… but we can.

Hence, the Readyforce Hacker Tour 2012 was planned.  We love to connect talent with great companies. Heck it’s what we do best. So starting September 12th, we will be LIVE on campus (first stop: Cornell) and work our way around the nation’s top 25 computer science and engineering schools.

Our Readyforce crew will introduce students to exciting companies that are looking for interns and graduating students to join their teams.  By completing a Readyforce profile, students will have the opportunity to be exposed to some of the top-hiring managers, participate in CEO and CTO webcasts, enter our coding competitions and be invited to exclusive on-campus meetups and events.

Did we mention the schwag?

Students that complete a Readyforce profile before we arrive on campus will also be automatically entered to win some great #HackerTour12 stuff.

For a list of tour dates click here.

Students: Be sure to like us on Facebook to get promotion updates and breaking news about the tour.  Follow us on Twitter at @Readyforce and hashtag #HackerTour12
Companies: Want to get in on this tour and be represented while we meet face to face with 20,000 of the next graduating superstars? Click here to ‘Get on the Bus’ and join Hacker Tour 2012.

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