Readyforce Acquires Umeqo – The MIT Campus Recruiting Event Management Platform

Please meet Umeqo, our latest acquisition:

Umeqo Logo

Campus visits, career fairs, and sponsored company events are an important piece in today’s recruiting scene on college campuses.  But for the student groups organizing them and the companies looking to source talent, there’s a lot of pain in the organization and administrative follow up associated with each one.  Today, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve acquired which has already successfully addressed these well-known pain points at MIT.

Umeqo Event Screen is an amazing platform that meets all the needs of student event organizers, participants and company sponsors.  Already in use to help organize MIT’s Tech Fair and Tau Beta Pi events, Umeqo gives student leaders access to free software that helps create, host, and manage events. For students at those events, it makes it easier to share their information with sponsors; and for companies, it makes it even easier to track and review the students that came to events.

It’s like Eventbrite for college career events.

Umeqo screen

The platform was originally built by MIT student Dmitrij Petters with the help of five students from MIT and the University of Waterloo, Joshua Ma, Zachary Dearing, David Guo, Arkady Blyakher and Joshua Dhaliwal. We are also pleased to announce that Dmitrij will be joining our Advisory Board and will continue to work on Umeqo as well as help Readyforce increase visibility at MIT and other universities.

In adding Umeqo to our Readyforce offering, we are excited to announce that this amazing tool will now be made available to student groups outside MIT.  This free event management system is a powerful addition to Readyforce’s growing career network and provides students and companies yet another way to connect and engage with each other. As we roll out this great product to all campuses nationwide, we will be working on integrating our two sites under the Readyforce brand.  Stay tuned for more exciting announcements…

For more details,  please read today’s press release.

2 Responses to Readyforce Acquires Umeqo – The MIT Campus Recruiting Event Management Platform

  1. Ankush Dharkar says:

    Wow! Thats really good.
    Readyforce is becoming better day by day

  2. What a concept! It is indeed a “new way for students and employers to discover one another”. Rather career fairs and events like this will boost both event management industry as well as careers of young talented management professionals.

    Being a management student I will obviously encourage such efforts. Rather I would like to see more events like this. I am waiting for my turn.

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