Raspberry Pi + Graduation Cap = Totally Awesome


Jeremy Blum, Cornell University ’13 shares his Control My Cap project.

Here at Readyforce, we often run cool contests and giveaways for our students and we absolutely LOVE it when students share with us what they’ve used their winnings for.

This past weekend, one of Cornell University’s most recent graduates, Jeremy Blum, used the Raspberry Pi he won from our SloganFest’13 contest to bring a little fun and innovation to his graduation ceremony, specifically his graduation cap.

Check out Jeremy’s most recent blog post, “Control My Cap” where he shares how he used Twitter, 16 LEDs, a custom wristband and mount made by a 3D printer, a battery and the Raspberry Pi to create a totally awesome and interactive graduation cap.

Interested in making one for your own graduation? No problem. Jeremy shares a how-to demo and links to the plans and code in his post. Totally awesome!

Thanks for sharing your project Jeremy and congratulations on your graduation!   

To connect with Jeremy on Readyforce click HERE.

Got a fun project you’d like us to profile on the blog? Let me know!


to Raspberry Pi + Graduation Cap = Totally Awesome

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