Quirky – Making Inventions Accessible


Have you ever had an idea for an invention? Perhaps a magical bed-making device. Or a robotic dog pooper-scooper? Maybe you thought it was too crazy? Maybe you didn’t know where to even begin? How do you go from a far-fetched idea in your head to a product that sold in retail stores?

Quirky is here to help – they are on a mission to make inventions accessible.  Quirky is a social invention platform where community members submit ideas, vote and collaborate on ideas, and help bring Quirky inventions to life. They bring multiple consumer products to market each week by enabling a fluid conversation between a global community and Quirky’s expert product design staff.  Revenue is shared directly with the people who helped make successful decisions.

QuirkyEvery week, the Quirky team reviews ideas and votes for their top picks. A weekly panel of rotating team members fosters a collaborative and democratic team culture. Over pizza and beer or a more refined catered dinner, the Quirky team is encouraged to participate and socialize in these weekly evalsQuirky’s team are passionate, talented and know how to ‘get shit done’ . They work in a fast and dynamic environment, but will never lose sight of their single yet ambitious vision: to make invention accessible.

Quirky has two workshops in the office where you’ll see the team designing, developing a prototype, testing, designing, taking photographs, and much more. This is not your typical New York City startup.

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