Product Highlights: Custom Profile URL’s For All!

Companies and individual Readyforce members alike now can choose their public Readyforce profile URL!

Individual and company profiles URL’s currently default to either your name or company name. E.g. or

If you would like to change, shorten or get creative with your individual or company profile URL the how to guide is below:

How to Customize Your Profile URL

1. Once logged in, go to your Readyforce profile by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner on any Readyforce page.

A dropdown menu will appear with various selections
- Select “My Profile” to access your individual profile
- Select “My Company” to access a company profile

2. Click on the current default URL underneath the large picture in the upper right hand corner

3. Once you have clicked the default URL, you can customize what your public profile URL will be
4. Hit save and you’re done!

Be careful changing your URL.

The currently active URL will become a dead-link after it has been changed.

E.g. will no longer direct to your profile as a URL or link if changed to


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