Readyforce Powers LANHAMMER 2013 Bay Area’s Premier Gaming Competition Connecting Engineering Students to Hiring Tech Companies and Startups



Readyforce, the leading career network for college students, will host LANHAMMER 2013, one of the largest gaming competitions in California. The two-day, free gaming event will take place from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. on August 17th and 18th at Dogpatch WineWorks in San Francisco and is expected to draw more than 2,000 of the Bay Area’s top engineering students and interns. Participants who are looking for a fun way to connect with fellow gamers and sponsor companies, will also play for $25,000 in tournament cash prizes.

LANHAMMER 2013 will bring together top college students and interns with technology and startup companies in a fun and exciting social environment. During the two-day gaming event, tournaments will feature games including Star Craft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Street Fighter 4 and UItimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. To power the event, there will be at least 300 computers and 10 Playstation 3s for the more than 500 player slots available.

Event sponsors will include both gaming and technology companies that recognize the strong connection between gaming and programmers.  Companies like SYBA and CoolerMaster who have already signed on as sponsors, in addition to profiling their brands at the event, will be allowed to send their own teams compete.  They will also use this opportunity to network and interview some of the players and attendees for potential internships and full time jobs.

“Nothing of LANHAMMER’s magnitude has ever been hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we at Readyforce are extremely excited to put together the very first of hopefully many LANHAMMER gaming events. We are looking forward to watching all the skilled competitors play for great prizes provided by our sponsors and Readyforce.“ said event co-organizer and University of California San Diego ‘11 graduate, Andrew Wu.

Together with Tansen Zhu, UCSD ‘14, LANHAMMER’s co-organizers are both Readyforce interns. The duo is very familiar with these types of events and is modeling LANHAMMER after the very successful three-day Sixth College Winter Game Fest at UCSD.  Both Zhu and Wu have worked on the Winter Game Fest for the last four and five years, respectively. The first Winter Game Fest took place at UCSD in 2006 with only 50 people and has since grown exponentially with more than 3,000 attendees at the last tournament in January 2013.  The Readyforce LANHAMMER event is expected to draw more than 2,000 attendees over the two days.

Alex Mooradian, CEO of Readyforce says, “We’ve been dreaming of running a gaming competition like LANHAMMER for a long time and I’m very lucky to have Tansen and Andrew make it a reality.  LANHAMMER represents Readyforce’s vision of building a powerful network for college student.  We are bringing together 2,000 students from around the country for an amazing weekend of fun and competition.”

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