PennApps Kicks Off The Hackathon Season


PennApps, the 48-hour hackathon took place at the University of Pennsylvania over September 6-8th, 2013 and officially kicked off the fall hackathon season. While most students were just arriving back on campus, the student organizers for PennApps had been hard at work securing sponsors, venues, food and transportation for the event all summer long. And with more than 1,000 hackers participating and impressive final demos recorded, it’s safe to say PennApps was a giant success.

More than 1,000 students participated in PennApps and more than half of them traveled to the event both regionally and internationally to represent more than 100 universities. There were large contingencies of students from Berkeley, MIT, Yale, University of Maryland, Stanford, Illinois, Georgia Tech, Penn State, UCLA, Columbia, Harvard, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, University of Michigan and of course UPenn.  Students traveled from as far away as Switzerland, Singapore, Israel and Hong Kong to participate in the event. 

The incentive to travel was pretty high. First place was a $10,000 cash prize, 2nd place was $5,000 and 3rd was $2,500. All three top teams were accepted into the finals of Greylock’s HackFest as well as into KPCB’s  fellow program. Not too shabby! There were also many sponsor prizes up for grabs to be won, the Peta sponsor prize from Venmo being $3,000.

Grand prize honors went to Swap, an iOS developer framework for making remote changes to your app without make submission changes to the App Store.  The team was made up of high school senior Conrad Kramer, Nathan Eidelson and Andrew Aude of Stanford and Alex Dunn from the University of Chicago.  Here’s a peek at their winning demo:

Congratulations to the Swap team! To check out all the prize winners, click here to see the full list of sponsor winners.

There was plenty to see via social when it came to PennApps.  You could even watch the final demos live.  Here are some of my favorite tweets from watching the #PennApps hashtag online:

Next up in the hackathon series… the University of Michigan’s MHACKS on September 20-22nd.  This event will be hosted within the “Big House” and could easily pass the 1000 hackers bar that’s now been set. I’m excited to see the demos and tweets that are to come!

For a complete listing of events, including hackathons, follow the Events page on Readyforce.

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