Penn State’s HackPSU Winning Hack: Hologram, 3D Photos On Your Camera Phone

The Penn State student-run entrepreneur group, innoblue, coordinated another successful hackathon with their 2013 HackPSU event on March 22-23rd. Readyforce was proud to once again be a sponsor for this great event and the first place prize: an all expense paid trip to San Francisco for our Innovate weekend.

For a full recap of the event, read innoblue event organizer Kathleen Warner‘s post and check out the writeup in TechCrunch.




First Place Winners

Source: TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch

Special shout outs go out to Ishaan Gulrajani, a freshman at MIT, and Zain Shah, a sophomore at University of Pittsburgh who captured the first place prize with their project: Hologram.  As Kathleen writes in her HackPSU recap: “Hologram lets you take full 3D photos using just the camera on your phone.” Super cool!

Check out Hologram’s winning demo:

Congratulations to the Hologram team and all the teams that participated in HackPSU!

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