Readyforce and Quixey Team Up To Host Nationwide Coding Challenge

It has been a couple of months since the last Quixey challenge gave coders the opportunity to find and solve a bug in 60 seconds to win $100 but good news… the Quixey Challenge is back! Readyforce and Quixey have teamed up to give coders from around the country a shot at bug solving glory.Continue Reading

Preparing For The Interview: How To Research A Startup

You’ve heard it a million times before, at the end of your interview when you the recruiter asks you: “Do you have any questions?”, you need to be prepared. If you sit there and have nothing to say it’s going to look, well… bad. But what if the company you are interviewing with is aContinue Reading

Hunger Games Style: 5 Skills Startups Will Kill For

1. Tenacity We are looking for tenacious seniors and grads to tackle interesting problems.  Building great products is hard, and only those with the hunger are going to be able to solve those problems. We’re particularly looking for front end developers and designers, where a bit of artistic flair goes a long way.  Continue Reading

VIDEO: StartupLife’13 Recap with Square and Soundcloud

Last night we hosted a live webcast from Stanford with tech industry gurus Zach Brock from Square and Paul Osman from Soundcloud.  Zach and Paul sat down with our CEO, Alex Mooradian to tell us what it’s really like to work at a startup, offer a behind the scenes look at the interviewing process atContinue Reading

Save Your Search

Hey Recruiters! Searching for student talent just got easier. You can now save your search filters. You can save as many searches as you’d like – just give your search a name and save it.   You can also apply filters on online resume books. Just click the advanced search and select what filters youContinue Reading

Penn State’s HackPSU Winning Hack: Hologram, 3D Photos On Your Camera Phone

The Penn State student-run entrepreneur group, innoblue, coordinated another successful hackathon with their 2013 HackPSU event on March 22-23rd. Readyforce was proud to once again be a sponsor for this great event and the first place prize: an all expense paid trip to San Francisco for our Innovate weekend. For a full recap of the event,Continue Reading

Create Your Own Online Resume Book

Hey Student leaders! Did you know that you can create your own resume book? You can create resume books for campus events, career fairs, clubs , you name it…. You can then share your resume book with select companies or have your book publicly available for companies to search and find. Here’s how: 1) LogContinue Reading

11 Ways to Make An Awesome Company Profile on Readyforce

Hey Recruiters! Here are 11 tips to make your company profile stand out and attract students to your company. Be Responsive: Respond to student introduction requests. After all, they want to learn more about your company and position(s). Actively Update your Profile: Don’t forget to update your profile page when you have new job rolesContinue Reading

LIVE Webcast: StartupLife2013 Presents What It’s Really Like to Work at Startup with Square and Soundcloud

Join technical leaders Paul Osman from Soundcloud and Zach Brock from Square on Tuesday, April 9th for an honest look at what life is really like inside a start-up- everything you have ever wanted to know about the culture, their key technical challenges, how to get a job at a startup (or decide if youContinue Reading

Online Resume Books

Hey Recruiters! We’re excited to release a new feature – online resume books. You can now search for and view student profiles by resume book. We were just at U.C. Berkeley’s Startup Career Fair and created a resume book for the students that we met there. If you didn’t get a chance to go, youContinue Reading