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College Programmers Beat Tech Elite in Hacking ContestIt was 3 a.m. on the first day of final exams. While most slept, a small cohort of students, overcome with excitement, locked arms to sing the Auburn University alma mater. The Alabama school, which has recently produced NFL stars named "Cam" and "Cadillac," had just pulled off an earth-shaking upset in an unlikely "sport" – coding.

Hacker Tour Links Startups With College CodersYou know how rock bands tour around in those huge, tricked-out buses? Imagine that same bus plastered with the logos of 26 tech startups, driving around the country from university to university looking for young, talented programmers. That's the concept behind Hacker Tour 2012.

Readyforce sets off on cross-country trip, picking up hackers along the wayI was so clueless what to do when I graduated from college that I joined the Peace Corps. While this worked out well for me, the solution to rising levels of unemployment and uncertainty about the future is not always to go live in a rural village.


Start-ups Join Hacker Tour to Recruit Tech TalentFuse/Getty In an effort to recruit eage young tech talent, a handful of high-profile start-ups have joined Hacker Tour 2012, a cross-country campus recruiting event starting this fall. Elance, Etsy, Pocket Gems, Quirky, RedOwl Analytics, Sonos, SoundCloud, StubHub and ZestFinance announced on Thursday that they will be joining the tour.

Tech Start-Ups Launch Recruiting TourPhoto courtesy Penn State The " war for talent" is now going on tour. Seven fast-growing tech companies are teaming up with a placement agency for Hacker Tour 2012–an eight week, around-the-country "bus trip" to recruit college students at 25 campuses across the country.