More Good News for CS Interns

Average hourly intern wage by class. Source: NACE

Source: NACE, 2012 Internship and Co-op survey

If you saw the post on the salaries for the 2012 graduating class and used that info to decide to major in CS, you are probably wondering now what am I going to do for an internship?

Luckily, there’s tons of companies on Readyforce that are looking for interns.  We profiled some of them like: Facebook10gen, Box, and Chegg to name a few…

Are you wondering what you might get paid? Well, according the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) your intern salary will probably depend on your year and your major.

The good news?

If you are a computer science/IT intern you will be doing better than most at an average of $19.10/hour. 

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Source: NACE via

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