Manifest Solutions: Minding the Technical Skills Gap

manifest_solutions_logoAlthough colleges and technical schools are providing a solid foundation in computer science, there is a growing chasm between what students learn in school and what employers are expecting. While there is no simple answer to solving this problem, Manifest Solutions is minding the technical skills gap by hiring junior level developers and training them for placement at various client-sites in Columbus, Ohio.  Unlike other training programs available today, there are no tuition fees to be paid by those interested in the class. With limited seats available per class, only a select few young developers will have the opportunity to possibly become one of Manifest’s NextGen Agilists.


Manifest’s Agility Bootcamp is a fast-paced, six-week paid program led and taught by some of the industry’s leading software craftsmen. Led by the venerable Christopher Judd, CTO & Partner at Manifest Solutions, the class is broken into six, one-week iterations. Each iteration includes a retrospective, iteration planning, and user story tasking sessions. Each day includes training in critical development concepts, techniques, tools and frameworks, version control, continuous integration, client side and server side performance and design patterns. The hands-on development focuses on paired programming and ATDD/TDD on a real web based application. There is a large emphasis on developing clean and maintainable code. Lastly, those who are able to endure and complete the bootcamp will be looking at a significant raise in pay as you integrate your career skills into the consultant workspace. The key to success in the program (again, if you’re accepted) says CEO Nancy Matijasich, is to stay self-aware. Those that are the most successful “are team players that stay positive and are always looking for ways to raise the team around them.”

Minding the gap between knowledge and experience to create the Next Generation of Developers writing great code and propelling young developers up their career path toward craftsmanship. That’s Manifest’s mission.

You can connect with Manifest Solutions on Readyforce by visiting their profile here.

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