Last Stop Hacker Tour Coding Challenge Almost Over! New Prizes Added!

Time is Running Out!

We’re in the final stretches of our Last Stop Hacker Tour coding challenge with HackerRank and have had an amazing turnout and participation. With approximately 36 hours left, we’ve added even more new prizes to the already awesome takeaways. There’s still time to enter for a chance to win and the top 50 scorers are all taking home something awesome.

Coding challenge ends Sunday 12/2 at midnight.

New Prize from Firebase


Firebase, the scalable real-time backend for your web app, is awarding 12 months of their $249/mo package to the top 25 scores. This is on top of  uber awarding the top 50 scores with $20 credits!

Fourth through sixth place scorers will also take home Romo, the smartphone robot from Romotive. Have you seen this thing? It’s sweet!!!

Romo the smartphone from Romotive


The top tier prizes are cold hard cash. First place scorer on the leaderboard will take home the grand prize of $1,500, 2nd place gets $500 and 3rd gets $200. So if you code, you really should enter because your odds of winning something awesome from some fantastic startups is pretty good.

But hurry! The contest ends Sunday 12/2 at midnight.

Click here to enter:


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