Hunger Games Style: 5 Skills Startups Will Kill For

1. Tenacity

switchcamWe are looking for tenacious seniors and grads to tackle interesting problems.  Building great products is hard, and only those with the hunger are going to be able to solve those problems. We’re particularly looking for front end developers and designers, where a bit of artistic flair goes a long way.


2. Mobile Mindset

SoundCloudAt SoundCloud, we believe our company should be the primary destination for people to discover and share sounds, anywhere, anytime. We’re interested in bringing on remarkable team members who are passionate about the latest Android SDK developments or creating beautiful code to develop SoundCloud apps for iPad and iPhone. Providing a great user experience to the millions of people who use SoundCloud is our focus.  - Eric Wahlforss, CTO, SoundCloud.


3. Love for Challenge

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 11.38.43 AM

We’re looking for intelligent, well spoken, dedicated, high character, individuals who are analytical, visionary with regard to design and innovation, and pragmatic with regard to implementation and execution. They must have a desire to be challenged and challenge those around them.

Web Application Developers - we’re looking for people that want to build a rich, web application that feels and behaves like a thick client and not a series of dynamic web pages.

Software Developers - we’re looking for senior engineers or future senior engineers with a strong CS background.


4. Thirst for New Technology

zaarlyAt Zaarly, we value pragmatic thinking, thirst and openness to new technologies and a get stuff done mentality.

We’re building something that could quite literally build a new economy and transform lives by connecting people. We work for those people. If we do our job well, we’ll create something that matters as much to them as it does to us, and all of our lives will be better for it.


5. Versatile Writing Skills

Retargeter_LogoVersatile writing skills, by which I mean the ability to write clearly and concisely in a variety of genres and voices, from conversational blog posts to serious industry reports and everything in between. I’m willing to argue that it’s one of the rarest skills in the world.  -Hafez Adel, Senior Director of Marketing

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