Meet the 2013 Hacker Tour Sponsors

Hacker Tour sponsors

We’re on the road these days criss-crossing the country to meet the students of today’s top engineering and computer science programs. While we’re there, we are telling folks about us (obviously) and we’re also telling students about our awesome Hacker Tour sponsors that are looking to hire awesome students like them.

So in case you missed us at your career fair, we don’t want you to miss out hearing about our Hacker Tour sponsors in all their awesomeness. Here’s a quick recap of who they are, what they do and best of all links to their company profiles so you can connect with them.

Readyforce 2013 Hacker Tour Sponsors

ZestFinance Founded by ex-Google CIO Douglas Merrill, ZestFinance is literally out to save the world, one credit profile at a time and with data, LOTS of data. This startup of 60+ people (and a lot of ex-Googlers) is located in downtown Hollywood, and with all its perks (mani/pedis, daily catered lunches, car washes) might feel like Google’s main campus.  New grad positions include: software engineers, machine modeling learners and business/credit analysts.


Quixey is ‘the search engine for apps.’  A one-stop shop for finding that perfect app for ‘how to track your workouts.’ This Bay Area startup is well funded and in addition to their awesome t-shirts has lots of great perks for employees including: 3 catered meals a day, gym memberships, internal hackathons, insurance coverage. Positions available include: API Engineer and Research Engineer.


Twilio has a global API that allows developers to build communications systems without having to mess with hardware and scaling tech challenges. The team at Twilio is looking for interns that want to ship code during like full fledged software engineers. Connect with the San Francisco based Twilio team here.


Etsy is the marketplace for everything made. The giant and yet still cozy e-commerce site is looking for full-stack developers that will look at code the same way they do, as a craft, and that good software and system designs are works of art. Engineers work in small teams collaborating to discover and serve up the artisans’ and craftspeople’s treasures that have been submitted for sale. Click here to view their full profile.


MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database. Growing at an exciting rate, the company is reinventing data management and powering big data. As a recent college grad on their engineering team, you will be part of a six-month rotational program and get a chance to see a little bit of everything. They are looking for incredibly smart team members that can jump in, ask questions and wear many hats while still having lots of fun. Check out their full company spotlight on our blog.


The Apollo Group based in Phoenix, Arizona is looking for both interns and full time software engineers to help them carry out their mission to transform education. Currently Apollo Tech supports more than half a million adult learners and faculty in the U.S. alone.  The team needs cloud interns, front-end and QA software engineers. Check out the Apollo Group‘s profile and connect with them today.


Venmo makes it easy to send money online and also recognizes that there’s a social interaction happening there. A subsidiary of Braintree which was just bought by PayPal, the team is sure to continue to need both full-time software engineers and interns to help with the focus on peer-to-peer transactions.


RetailMeNot is the go to site for finding the latest and greatest coupons and deals on the internet, for just about anything. Based in Austin, Texas, the team is currently looking for software developers, designers, and product managers.


Taplet – Austin, TX. Mobile app company that lets users record video and extract gorgeous images from the footage.  Taplet also has a built-in social platform to post your taplet, or flip book to.  This nimble startup is located in one of the fastest growing cities, Austin and is looking for iOS Mobile Designers, Developers as well as Server Side Developers.


Bracketeers offers March Madness style prediction & voting bracket contests. Their interactive online brackets connects companies & brands and enable businesses to create hardy, exciting relationships with customers and give them more potential to reach new ones. This exciting DC and San Diego startup is currently looking for paid interns to help in their marketing efforts.


Apportable is developing a software engine that ports iOS applications to Android automatically, without requiring extensive changes to the original Objective-C or C++ code. Based in San Francisco, this game loving startup is looking for iOS software engineers, graphics programmers and project managers.

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