Hacker Tour 2012 Weeks 1 and 2 RoundUp

We’ve covered 7 states in our Hacker Tour van and met thousands of eager students.  Best part? We’re having a blast!

So far we’ve hit the campuses of Cornell, University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne, Penn State, Rutgers, Virgnia Tech, UVA, and Ohio State. Yes, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

Some highlights of the tour so far (for LOTS more pictures follow us on FB and check out our albums there).

1. Our Quixey coding challenge kick off event at Cornell co-hosted with PopShop set the right tone for our epic road trip.

2. Walking out to our van at the end of our first night we thought for sure we’d gotten a steep parking ticket. As we got closer, we realized it was a student’s resume. Gotta love that.

3. We knew going in that we were ‘different’ and that we might disrupt the traditional feel of some of these career fairs.  First of all, we don’t dress like everyone else. Here’s a pic of our “uniform”:

And here’s what our ‘booths’ look like:

4. At University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne, we felt a little artsy. Our CEO Alex, took these snaps:

5. Here are Jordan and Chris at Penn State:

6. At Rutgers we teamed up with the folks at Juice Tank to host an awesome panel of speakers from SoundCloud and Quirky:

To see ALL the pics from that awesome event click over to our Facebook.

After some much needed R&R in New York city over the weekend we made our way to great state of Virginia.

The Virginia Tech students were some of the most excited we met up with – so excited in fact we didn’t get the chance to snap a single photo with them. We were too busy talking the whole time.

At UVA we met some challenges with the weather as we were in a torrential downpour and then a tornado warning. That didn’t deter us though from meeting with the awesome SEAS students of UVA. They have a long tradition of engineering at UVA as we documented in these pics:

So long in fact, that they still have these things lying around. Antique relics for $100 please Alex.

See the rainy window? It POURED.

We ended the week at Ohio State University. Following the OSU career fair, we co-hosted an idea competition with CoStart Now which was humbling and inspiring to say the least.

All in all we’ve met some amazing candidates for our 26 Hacker Tour sponsors. The good news? They’re already connecting. We’re really proud of the rate of intros and acceptances that are happening via our site.

We’ve even seen some of our sponsors reaching out and helping students with dissertations on big data. Pretty cool stuff.

Stay tuned as there’s lots more to come on reporting where we’ve been and what we’re up to.

For now, peace out.

The Hacker Tour 2012 Team

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