Hacker Madness: Demo your best software or hardware hack to compete for $1,000.

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As part of this year’s 2013 Hacker Tour, we thought it would be great to add a little competition between the different schools we’re visiting on our 10 week national bus trip to the top 35 computer science and engineering schools in the country. We want to see how the top hacks from the best schools stack up against one another in what we’re calling Hacker Madness.

Some background:

The goal of the Hacker Tour is to identify top coders, hackers and makers at each school, and connect them with innovative startups and tech companies. This competition aims to connect with top hackers from each school we visit on the Hacker Tour, and provides an opportunity for students at schools the bus can’t visit to participate.

How does it work?

  • Submit: Any full-time or part-time student can submit a 2 minute demo of their best hack until October 25 at hackertour2013.com/hackermadness
  • Vote: Once a hack is submitted, anyone can vote for their favorite hack 1x per day at hackertour2013.com/hackermadness.
  • Represent your school in the Hacker Madness bracket: The hack with the most votes per school will then represent their campus in the the Hacker Madness bracket – a 64 team competition where top hacks from the best universities will battle against each other.
Submit earlier to have extra time to receive votes for your hack. Teams can consist of up to 4 people. If submitting with students from another school, please decide amongst yourselves which school you want to be considered to represent.

Who can participate?

  • Any full-time or part-time student can submit their best hardware or software hack. Hacks should have been created in last year.

Hacker Madness bracket

The bracket will be seeded randomly with the top 64 hacks as decided by online voting.

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