Create Your Own Online Resume Book

Hey Student leaders! Did you know that you can create your own resume book? You can create resume books for campus events, career fairs, clubs , you name it…. You can then share your resume book with select companies or have your book publicly available for companies to search and find.

Here’s how:

1) Log into Readyforce and go to your contacts

Profile - Contacts


2. Create a new resume book (or add to an existing one)

Create Resume Book


3. Name your book. If you want your book to be searchable by companies, mark it as public. Make sure to upload individual files (each resume should be its own file) to your resume book. Readyforce will do the rest and create online profiles for the students in your book.

Resume Book Details


4. You can then share you resume books to companies, recruiters, etc. I’ve created a Resume Book called “Testirene” and I can share this with companies.

Sharing Resume Books


It’s that simple.

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