Company Spotlight: WhitePages

When evaluating possible internships, engineering and computer science students with a passion for learning would be wise to put WhitePages at the top of their lists. That is if they really want to learn, write and push code during their summer months. Those that are happy to ‘fetch coffee’ need not apply because, well… that just doesn’t happen at WhitePages.


Branded as the ‘go-to’ site for online people and business search and with 120 employees, Seattle-based WhitePages hires interns to do more than just read and write code. With the support of a carefully paired mentor, the company’s interns are responsible for the full software development lifecycle—designing, building, testing, and deploying code that affects more than 50 million monthly users’ experience on the site. According to Robert Noble, Director of Software Engineering and head of the internship program, this is all part of the plan to give each student the opportunity to become full-fledged software developers and hopefully to do so at WhitePages after they graduate.

But first, they have to qualify.

“At we invest a phenomenal amount into each intern.  We have a whole sprint team that surrounds them and every team member is responsible for the intern’s success.” – Robert Noble


The WhitePages Intern

Obviously, candidates need to have strong programming skills and grades but just as important is the candidate’s ability to demonstrate a strong passion for learning. The WhitePages team wants to know what the intern likes to learn for fun, and why. Next, WhitePages wants to be able to also learn from their interns.

This passion for learning speaks to the company’s core value of continuous improvement and self-development. This is further demonstrated by the fact that as one of its perks, each employee is offered a $1500 stipend for personal development which can be used on books, conferences, and even continuing education at the local universities.

WhitePages is looking for candidates that have demonstrated some technical expertise and passion. According to Noble, it doesn’t really matter what that one thing is, because “it’s our philosophy that if you can demonstrate that you are really good at one thing then we are confident you can become really good at a lot of things, but if you can’t be good at even one thing then you probably aren’t good enough for us.

Enough said.

Perks at WhitePages

The teams within WhitePages are always looking for fun ways to continue to build upon their relationships and foster communication between the different groups.  While the number one perk is the mentorship, there are also other extras like weekly catered lunches and regular social outings with happy hours, go-karting, cooking school, and ropes courses to name a few. In addition to all the social perks, full-time employees also enjoy unlimited vacation policies and full health benefits.

If you are interested in being considered for a position at WhitePages, either with the intern program or as a new college grad in their engineering department, connect with them on Readyforce today!

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