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Providing Answers and Improving Lives‘s goal is to improve and change people’s lives.  An altruistic goal for sure, but one that its employees take to heart.  As an online professional services platform, connects people with hundreds of experts to over 100 different categories to answer questions from anything about antiques pricing, car advice, even medical opinions.   We spoke with’s Senior Technical Recruiter, Maria Engle about the company’s current hiring focus and their recent success in finding candidates on Readyforce, candidates like Hannah Gordon.

Six months ago, the company relaunched from and has since doubled in size.  Today, teams at their Presidio headquarters in San Francisco continue to work excitedly on the rebranding efforts and also on expanding the platform.  When looking for candidates to help grow the engineering team, Maria says they are ideally looking for students that know both Java or C++ and that can be creative.  (Click here to jump  to job descriptions.) Candidates that demonstrate they are open to learning, are creative and critical thinkers and can speak up with suggestions at the regular “scrum meetings,” candidates like Hannah.’s New Hire: Meet Hannah

Hannah Gordon is one of Readyforce’s early student users.  After graduating in 2011, Hannah focused her job search in West Virginia and had used local career sourcing tools.  But it was the idea of “going West” that called to Hannah and motivated her to login once again to our platform.  She had remembered: “Readyforce had a bunch of startups from California.”

Serendipity then took over.

Hannah updated her profile and connected almost immediately with several companies on Readyforce, including  With a vacation and networking trip already planned, Hannah made arrangements to interview with on her trip to San Francisco.  She accepted the position as a Customer Care Agent three days later.


Hannah Gordon and teammate Penelope Rivas

Best Part About

When asked about the best part of her new job, Hannah immediately answered that it’s the people and the culture as well as the ability to positively impact people’s lives.  Within the first few days of her new job, Hannah connected with a customer that was looking for advice after her dog had been hit by a car.   Their conversation and Hannah’s subsequent follow up led the customer to realize she could use the company’s platform for even more reasons that she’d originally needed including legal advice and her own medical questions. The customer was so satisfied that she reached out with a personal thank you for the service and for Hannah’s personal touch.  Knowing that they have profoundly helped someone was a great feeling for both Hannah and the team.

Life at

More than 100 employees now work on one of four floors of the restored building in the Presidio.   On each floor, with their front row view of the Golden Gate Bridge, cross-functional “pods” of six to eight team members work together on the company’s weekly releases and overall goals and testing.  It’s common practice for front end engineers to sit with designers, analysts and maybe a copywriter.

At the office, the team also enjoys some fun perks and surprises that CEO Andy Kurtzig likes to spontaneously arrange.  For example, as an avid University of California, Berkeley fan and alum, work was disrupted one day when the Cal marching band and cheerleaders arrived in the halls. (Tip: If you go to an interview at do not wear cardinal red.)  This event registers up there with the time that Andy arranged for bagpipe players on St. Patrick’s day.  Clearly the team likes to have fun.  Oh, and to eat.   The team is also regularly treated to catered lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Most recently, Andy organized a fire truck pizza party in their parking lot – ‘just because’.


Looking Ahead

As is focused on its growth one thing remains at the center of everything they do: that they continue to help people.  With that as their motto and goal we hope to support their goal by connecting them with awesome students.  Click here to connect with Maria and learn more about the opportunities available at

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