Company Spotlight: Chegg

Today’s company spotlight is with Amy Knapp, Director of Talent Management at Chegg. Currently they are looking to hire engineering and design interns as well as a handful of marketing interns for the 2013 summer. Read Chegg’s profile below and then connect with them via Readyforce


As a new intern at Chegg’s  Santa Clara headquarters in CA, you might be wondering whether you’ve ever actually left college. Their brand new green-certified office space looks a lot like, but then again, very unlike, a high tech college campus.  That’s 100% on purpose.  The bright colors, bleachers, and even lockers are to remind each and every employee exactly who is customer No. 1: the students.

Chegg's new headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. Just some of the perks of working at this student-like environment.

Chegg’s new headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. Just some of the perks of working at this student-like environment: regular guest speakers, catered lunch (every day) and an onsite gym. Pretty sweet!

Keeping their pulse on how students learn is at the core of everything Chegg does.   This growing company is looking to keep their ‘student DNA’ fresh and will hire 20-23 summer interns across engineering and design for the summer of 2013. We spoke with  Amy Knapp, Director of Talent Management at Chegg to hear what kind of student makes the ideal candidate and what types of exciting initiatives these students might work on.

What’s cooking for 2013?

Building on their successful textbook rental business, Chegg is now working on several new initiatives including opening up their platform and APIs to other companies.  By doing so, Chegg can now offer beneficial add-ons to their customer base and further personalize the customers’ experience.   Teams also continue to work on integrating Chegg’s six acquisitions which include: CourseRank, Notehall, Cramster, Zinch, Flux and Student of Fortune.

Some of the most interesting projects interns will likely get exposure to, will be those that will focus on what Chegg has labeled  their ‘student graph’.  As Knapp said: “We are building up our ‘student graph’, because with all the data that we have: from the school  that they are attending, to the classes they are taking, the books that they are renting and even the notes and questions that they are asking,  we have so much information. With all that information we are going to be able to make a much more targeted  and personalized experience for students.”

Whichever project interns are assigned, they will find themselves working side-by-side with the company’s top engineers and are sure to have a challenging yet fun summer.

What does the ideal Chegg candidate look like?

If you want a shot at an internship at Chegg you’ve got to love what they do, because they certainly do! The nice thing is, as a college student you are probably already familiar with their services and have (hopefully) been a user.  This will definitely help your odds but it’s not everything.  To get in the door at Chegg, you’ve got to demonstrate passion for what they are working on and what they can offer in the future. Oh yeah, you’ll need the technical skills as well. Once you connect with them on Readyforce, be sure to do your homework. Knapp says: “Any candidate that is going to be successful here at Chegg, in any role, is someone who is going to do their research on what we are doing and ask great questions. We really want to see people with passion for what we do.” So get on it.


What are some of the perks at Chegg?

Well for starters, just check out the amazing new headquarters they’ve setup:


It’s your move at Chegg HQ – Santa Clara. Photos courtesy of Chegg.

“It’s a very open and collaborative environment.” says Knapp.  Education related thoughout everything they do, but clearly still a startup at heart. Amenities and perks include an onsite gym, a ‘quad’ and a kitchen where gourmet meals are brought in every day.  Another example of education being central to their core? Classrooms are filled with guest speakers from universities and the industry from around the US.  Other perks to full-time employees include: a great benefit program, no-limit vacation policy, and time-off for volunteering. Sounds pretty good right?

Want a tour?

Check out this recent video tour of the new Chegg headquarters posted by PandoDaily:

How to connect with Chegg?

To connect with Chegg and Amy be sure to checkout their profile on Readyforce and then click Get Introduced. The company will also be going on campus tours over the next few months, so be sure to check them out.  Good luck!

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