Company Spotlight: Axcient

axcient logoSilly string, nerf guns, scooters, and master chefs?  Yes, all those are part of the daily fun for recent college grads and interns that work at Axcient, the cloud services platform.  That and of course all the serious stuff that comes with working alongside a mentor and collaborating on one of their exciting engineering teams.


Axcient Team

Axcient, which was named one of the 10 best places to work in the SF Bay area, is hiring smart college grads and interns for their engineering teams.  But please note: brains alone won’t land you a job.  While things may be moving quickly over at their Mountain View headquarters as the company shifts from startup to growth (the company raised another $20 million in Series D funding last January),  their primary focus when sourcing new talent is still finding people that will be a good fit for their company’s culture.

So what does the ideal candidate look like? And what (if they’re hired) can they expect to work on?

axcient Engineering candidates applying to Axcient should be focused on team first, be result orientated and demonstrate a passion for coding.  Also? They like to have fun.  There are the occasional silly string wars and scooter races that pop up – and applicants should be cool with that.  One more thing, you should probably enjoy food.  The Axcient team boasts their own ‘master chefs’ who will host an impressive backyard barbeque once the weather permits, which being in California is almost always.  Back to the candidate’s profile… A strict technical background is not required but the ability to demonstrate both perseverance and passion with respect to coding challenges are.  Bottom line: are you a fun-coding-challenge loving person?  Good.

Once hired, Axcient’s interns and new hires join an engineering team that works on either web development, UI/UX, networking or core storage.  Most recently, the company released a complete redesign of their user experience to great reviews.  Looking ahead, the teams will be focused on virtualization, strong cloud computing, SaaS model, and big data issues.  New hires can expect to jump right in (with the backup and guidance of their onsite mentors) and contribute in a big way to Axcient’s product.  At this cloud computing company there are no legacy systems and everything is written from scratch.  Every contribution whether written by intern or senior developer will end up by used by the consumer.  A key fact that will continue to draw talent to this growing company.

So are you a change the world kind of person? Someone that is still interested in personal growth and collaboration?  Connect with Axcient on Readyforce today!

Check out this fun video from their office’s Halloween shenanigans.  The “Office Space” tribute with their CEO Justin Moore is definitely my favorite part!


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