Company Spotlight: 10gen, the MongoDB Company

If sitting next to a company’s CTO, while you collaborate and write code for a project set to revolutionize database technology sounds like your dream job then be sure to connect with 10gen on Readyforce. 

logo_10gen10gen, the MongoDB company,  the open source, non-relational data NOSQL database is looking to hire 20 summer interns and 10 full time engineering hires from the class of 2013. We checked in with Stacy Ferranti, 10gen’s Technical Campus Recruiter, to give us the inside scoop at this fast-growing company and hear what they look for when adding recent grads and college interns to the team.


Things are moving at an exciting pace for 10gen. Founded in 2007 by CEO Dwight Merriman (of DoubleClick fame) and CTO Eliot Horowitz, this now mid-sized company has more than 200 employees, $50 million in new funding and a brand new office space in New York. With the database market now valued somewhere between $30-40 billion and a pent up demand for revolutionary technology in this space, 10gen is trailblazing to meet those needs. In short, it’s a great time to be joining this growing company that still operates with the nimbleness and collaborative environment of a small startup.  As Ferranti said: “Team members that are joining now are sure to be quoted as saying: ‘I worked at 10gen when…’”

At 10gen, work alongside 2 of the industry’s biggest innovators. And by alongside, we mean sit right next to.

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One of the more unique opportunities that engineers will discover on day one of their new 10gen gig is the incredible access and ability to work alongside top management.  Both 10gen co-founders, Merriman and Horowitz, two of the biggest innovators in the industry, sit directly in the middle of the engineering department  and make themselves available to answer questions.  ”10gen is a very horizontal company with an incredibly passionate and smart group of employees, said Ferranti.  When people join, they are able to jump right in, wear many hats, ask questions and contribute to code.”  It’s pretty unique and a testament to how 10gen still operates as a small company.

Other perks and behind the scenes stuff

So what else makes 10gen a great place to work?

  • Unlimited vacation days
  • A lot of opportunity to travel. 10gen hosts 32 events worldwide and everyone within the company is encouraged to attend and take advantage of those programs. For engineers, this means you won’t always be behind a desk coding all day (if you don’t want to) and you can actually see the world with 10gen.
  • Annual offsite, that invests in each employee’s training  (this year’s event will be held in Miami).
  • Catered lunch 2x a week

So what does the ideal college new hire at 10gen have?

If you want a shot at being a part of their team for next year, be sure to demonstrate your passion for MongoDB and the database space. 10gen is looking for candidates that are fun, passionate, and have a natural sense of curiosity. Did you branch out into entrepreneurial clubs? Do you spend your free time at hackathons? Even better. Extra points if you worked as a TA for a CS class.

So how to connect with 10gen?

Check out 10gen’s Readyforce profile here and connect with Stacy.

to Company Spotlight: 10gen, the MongoDB Company

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