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Message templates, download resumes and CSV too!

Introducing Message Templates We’re excited to tell you that you can now save your personal messages. No more copying and pasting! Save time by using message templates.     Don’t forget that you can select up to 50 students at a time and include your message. Tell students about your internships, new grad positions, upcoming events, andContinue Reading

Readyforce Launches Spring 2014 Campus Rep Program

Calling all marketing gurus, campus influencers, and startup-loving students: apply to be a Readyforce Campus Rep at your school for Spring 2014! We are looking for 2-3 self-starters per school who want to gain hands-on experience in marketing and entrepreneurship while significantly contributing to the growth of Readyforce. Here’s the job description and contact informationContinue Reading

Company Spotlight: WhitePages

When evaluating possible internships, engineering and computer science students with a passion for learning would be wise to put WhitePages at the top of their lists. That is if they really want to learn, write and push code during their summer months. Those that are happy to ‘fetch coffee’ need not apply because, well… thatContinue Reading

Readyforce Summer Internship Survey Winners!

A few months ago, we surveyed Readyforce students on what they thought of their summer internships.  As promised, we randomly awarded four students with prizes: two got a Raspberry Pi and two got a LeapMotion. Just for fun, we asked them to send us a photo of their reaction to the good news about winning.Continue Reading

Who Will Win ‘Best Commencement Speech of 2013′?

Over the weekend, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo did a great job in kicking off the race for the best commencement speech of 2013.  While delivering his 15 minute address to University of Michigan graduates, @DickC drew on his experience as a stand up improv comedian and kept everyone both entertained and inspired with his messageContinue Reading

Top 10 Cities For New College Grads in 2013 and Companies That Are Hiring There wrote an article today featuring’s published list of the top 10 cities for new college grads to live in 2013.  My feeling is that if you have coding skills the world is your oyster (what does that mean anyway?). That said, you may want to move to a city where some of yourContinue Reading

Top 5 Things I Did to Get 5 Job Offers

The following post was submitted by one of our Readyforce students: Maxwell Elliott from Ohio State University. Maxwell connected with over 25 companies and received 5 job offers after creating a profile on Readyforce.  He recently accepted a position with Originate. Congratulations Maxwell!     When other students ask about how my job search isContinue Reading

More Good News for CS Interns

If you saw the post on the salaries for the 2012 graduating class and used that info to decide to major in CS, you are probably wondering now what am I going to do for an internship? Luckily, there’s tons of companies on Readyforce that are looking for interns.  We profiled some of them like: Facebook, 10gen, Box, and Chegg to nameContinue Reading

And The Winners Are…Rapsberry Pi Giveaway Announced!

Thanks to all our fans that entered last month’s giveaway for 10 Raspberry Pi’s.  We are looking forward to see what everyone uses them for. And the winners are: Jeff T.  from Ohio State Adriel K. from Boston University Ankush D. from University of Florida Conor O’D. from Notre Dame Toren S. from San FranciscoContinue Reading

What’s Your Major Worth?

Looking ahead to graduation and wondering what that first pay check is going to look like? Or maybe you’re about to declare your major and need a little help deciding.  You may want to take a peek at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recently published 2013 January Salary Survey.  The report looks atContinue Reading