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The Legend of the 5C Hackathon and Hack Week

Readyforce partnered with Claremont Colleges’s 5C Hackathon this Fall and we were so impressed with the event, we asked Kimberly Merrill, one of the lead organizers, to tell the story of how the tradition came to be.    Signing up for a hackathon is scary. Coding for hours straight, being on the hook for aContinue Reading

I’m An Intern In Charge Of a $100,000 eSports Event

Readyforce, a college career networking company, has given me, a summer intern, $100,000 and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put on something huge, the eSports gaming tournament LANHAMMER 2013.  Alex Mooradian, CEO at Readyforce approached me and said, “here’s a budget for LANHAMMER, here’s what I want to do with it, make it happen” and tasked meContinue Reading

Raspberry Pi + Graduation Cap = Totally Awesome

Here at Readyforce, we often run cool contests and giveaways for our students and we absolutely LOVE it when students share with us what they’ve used their winnings for. This past weekend, one of Cornell University’s most recent graduates, Jeremy Blum, used the Raspberry Pi he won from our SloganFest’13 contest to bring a little funContinue Reading

Penn State’s HackPSU Winning Hack: Hologram, 3D Photos On Your Camera Phone

The Penn State student-run entrepreneur group, innoblue, coordinated another successful hackathon with their 2013 HackPSU event on March 22-23rd. Readyforce was proud to once again be a sponsor for this great event and the first place prize: an all expense paid trip to San Francisco for our Innovate weekend. For a full recap of the event,Continue Reading

Company Spotlight: Box

When a company graduates from ‘startup’ status, what happens to that fun and exciting work environment?  Well, if that company is Box, the cloud collaboration platform, the answer is: it only gets better.  For this week’s Company Spotlight, we spoke with Recruiting Operations Lead, Jennifer Nguyen about the exciting opportunities and life behind the scenes atContinue Reading

Divide Nine, Animation Studios and Emotional Media Pioneer, Adds Penn State Grad James Ajhar to the LA Tech Scene

Divide Nine is not your typical tech startup. For starters, they’re located in LA, a warmer and also slightly zanier location than say, Silicon Valley.  They’re also a hybrid of sorts that’s leading the emerging LA-tech scene as both a digital animation studio and a tech company.  Described as a highly creative and fun place to work, theContinue Reading

Facebook’s New Summer Intern: Evan Noon

Evan Noon, a Junior at the University of Michigan will be adding Intern at Facebook to his already awesome Readyforce profile after this summer. We’re really excited to have introduced the two on our platform! We recently spoke to Evan about his search on Readyforce and asked him how the platform helped him in hisContinue Reading

Student Spotlight: Marianne Jullian, Princeton 2013 to Join AdRoll

Marianne Jullian, or Mars as her classmates at Princeton know her, is a familiar face on Readyforce – well, she should be, she’s on our homepage! Mars first created her Readyforce profile in what she thought was just an experiment to gain exposure to exciting startups.  As an early beta student, she was pleasantly rewarded.Continue Reading

Michigan Hackers – Chargii Team Takes First Place

Anna and Alex recently traveled to the University of Michigan to kick off and judge the Michigan Hackers IMPACT Hack-a-thon.  Taking first place was Chargii, an iOS and Android app with hardware that can effectively manage a user’s electricity consumption.  The 5 person team, made up of  sophomores: Brad Hekman, Josh Franz, and Nathan Shields,  freshman Aubrey O’Neal andContinue Reading

Michigan Hackers Hosts IMPACT Hackathon

Industrious and inspiring student-led groups like Michigan Hackers have established themselves at top universities around the U.S. and gone on to host campus-wide and intercollegiate hack-a-thons. What is prompting these grassroot organizations to congregate, innovate, explore and create? What are they looking to accomplish? Readyforce recently sponsored Michigan Hackers’ 2nd hack-a-thon and caught up withContinue Reading