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Company Spotlight – ZestFinance

What if Google was still a startup? We all know that the 28,000 employee Silicon Valley behemoth is anything but. But what if you could work alongside Google’s former CIO and VP of Engineering all while doing some good in this world?  ZestFinance, founded by Douglas Merrill and lots of other ex-Googlers and folks fromContinue Reading

Company Spotlight:

Providing Answers and Improving Lives‘s goal is to improve and change people’s lives.  An altruistic goal for sure, but one that its employees take to heart.  As an online professional services platform, connects people with hundreds of experts to over 100 different categories to answer questions from anything about antiques pricing, car advice,Continue Reading

Company Spotlight: Axcient

Silly string, nerf guns, scooters, and master chefs?  Yes, all those are part of the daily fun for recent college grads and interns that work at Axcient, the cloud services platform.  That and of course all the serious stuff that comes with working alongside a mentor and collaborating on one of their exciting engineering teams.Continue Reading

Startup Life’13 Follow Up: Square and SoundCloud Answer Your Questions

When we hosted Startup Life’13 with Zach Brock from Square and Paul Osman from SoundCloud about what life is really like interviewing and working at a startup, there were a couple of questions from our student viewers that we couldn’t get to.  Lucky for us, both Zach and Paul spent some time answering  those questions offline.  Here’s a little more Q&AContinue Reading

Manifest Solutions: Minding the Technical Skills Gap

Although colleges and technical schools are providing a solid foundation in computer science, there is a growing chasm between what students learn in school and what employers are expecting. While there is no simple answer to solving this problem, Manifest Solutions is minding the technical skills gap by hiring junior level developers and training them for placement atContinue Reading

Quirky – Making Inventions Accessible

Have you ever had an idea for an invention? Perhaps a magical bed-making device. Or a robotic dog pooper-scooper? Maybe you thought it was too crazy? Maybe you didn’t know where to even begin? How do you go from a far-fetched idea in your head to a product that sold in retail stores? Quirky isContinue Reading

Hunger Games Style: 5 Skills Startups Will Kill For

1. Tenacity We are looking for tenacious seniors and grads to tackle interesting problems.  Building great products is hard, and only those with the hunger are going to be able to solve those problems. We’re particularly looking for front end developers and designers, where a bit of artistic flair goes a long way.  Continue Reading

VIDEO: StartupLife’13 Recap with Square and Soundcloud

Last night we hosted a live webcast from Stanford with tech industry gurus Zach Brock from Square and Paul Osman from Soundcloud.  Zach and Paul sat down with our CEO, Alex Mooradian to tell us what it’s really like to work at a startup, offer a behind the scenes look at the interviewing process atContinue Reading

Company Spotlight: Originate

Originate wants to save brilliant college grads from the corporate world.  They want to save YOU from working for the big dark world of suits and cubicles.  They believe brilliant people belong at startups and they have just the company that smart, fun folks should work at. Part VC, part software house, Originate builds startups byContinue Reading

Company Spotlight: Box

When a company graduates from ‘startup’ status, what happens to that fun and exciting work environment?  Well, if that company is Box, the cloud collaboration platform, the answer is: it only gets better.  For this week’s Company Spotlight, we spoke with Recruiting Operations Lead, Jennifer Nguyen about the exciting opportunities and life behind the scenes atContinue Reading