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Create Your Own Online Resume Book

Hey Student leaders! Did you know that you can create your own resume book? You can create resume books for campus events, career fairs, clubs , you name it…. You can then share your resume book with select companies or have your book publicly available for companies to search and find. Here’s how: 1) LogContinue Reading

11 Ways to Make An Awesome Company Profile on Readyforce

Hey Recruiters! Here are 11 tips to make your company profile stand out and attract students to your company. Be Responsive: Respond to student introduction requests. After all, they want to learn more about your company and position(s). Actively Update your Profile: Don’t forget to update your profile page when you have new job rolesContinue Reading

Online Resume Books

Hey Recruiters! We’re excited to release a new feature – online resume books. You can now search for and view student profiles by resume book. We were just at U.C. Berkeley’s Startup Career Fair and created a resume book for the students that we met there. If you didn’t get a chance to go, youContinue Reading