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Recruit Active & Passive Candidates – Search by Visa Status, Location, Github

We’ve excited to announce that we’ve added some advanced search capabilities to make it easier for you to find the right candidates for your internships and new grad positions. You can now search for active and passive candidates by their visa status. If a candidate’s visa status is an important aspect of your hiring process,Continue Reading

Message templates, download resumes and CSV too!

Introducing Message Templates We’re excited to tell you that you can now save your personal messages. No more copying and pasting! Save time by using message templates.     Don’t forget that you can select up to 50 students at a time and include your message. Tell students about your internships, new grad positions, upcoming events, andContinue Reading

Team features

Readyforce just got a a whole lot better for teams. If you work with a team of recruiters, you don’t want to duplicate efforts and have multiple team members talking to the same students about the same positions at your company. That would just be silly.   You can now use the Connections filter and seeContinue Reading

Send personal messages and search your connections

You asked, we delivered! Check out our new features for companies below. You can now send personal messages and search your connections on Readyforce. If you’d like a quick product demo or have any questions at all, let us know! You can now send messages to your connections. Select up to 50 students at a time andContinue Reading

New recruiting features for companies

I’m excited to tell you that we’ve made some huge product changes recently based on lots of feedback from recruiters and companies. Check out some new recruiting tools and features: You can now select up to 50 students at a time making it faster and easier to connect with students.   Send a personal message toContinue Reading

Meet the Readyforce Customer Advisory Board

A few weeks ago, we officially kicked off Readyforce’s Customer Advisory Board with dinner, drinks, and a product session at Perbacco, in San Francisco. We brought together a group of innovative recruiters to share their insights, experiences, challenges, and unfiltered feedback (the good, the bad, and the ugly). My favorite story of the night wasContinue Reading

Quirky – Making Inventions Accessible

Have you ever had an idea for an invention? Perhaps a magical bed-making device. Or a robotic dog pooper-scooper? Maybe you thought it was too crazy? Maybe you didn’t know where to even begin? How do you go from a far-fetched idea in your head to a product that sold in retail stores? Quirky isContinue Reading

Adding Team Members to Your Company Profile

Adding Team Members Hey company admins and recruiters! Did you know that you can add your team members to your Readyforce company profile? If you have a few different hiring mangers, recruiters, or any other team members that are involved with your recruiting process, you should definitely add them to your company profile. Within theContinue Reading

Hunger Games Style: 5 Skills Startups Will Kill For

1. Tenacity We are looking for tenacious seniors and grads to tackle interesting problems.  Building great products is hard, and only those with the hunger are going to be able to solve those problems. We’re particularly looking for front end developers and designers, where a bit of artistic flair goes a long way.  Continue Reading

Save Your Search

Hey Recruiters! Searching for student talent just got easier. You can now save your search filters. You can save as many searches as you’d like – just give your search a name and save it.   You can also apply filters on online resume books. Just click the advanced search and select what filters youContinue Reading