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The Legend of the 5C Hackathon and Hack Week

Readyforce partnered with Claremont Colleges’s 5C Hackathon this Fall and we were so impressed with the event, we asked Kimberly Merrill, one of the lead organizers, to tell the story of how the tradition came to be.    Signing up for a hackathon is scary. Coding for hours straight, being on the hook for aContinue Reading

Readyforce Launches Spring 2014 Campus Rep Program

Calling all marketing gurus, campus influencers, and startup-loving students: apply to be a Readyforce Campus Rep at your school for Spring 2014! We are looking for 2-3 self-starters per school who want to gain hands-on experience in marketing and entrepreneurship while significantly contributing to the growth of Readyforce. Here’s the job description and contact informationContinue Reading

Company Spotlight: WhitePages

When evaluating possible internships, engineering and computer science students with a passion for learning would be wise to put WhitePages at the top of their lists. That is if they really want to learn, write and push code during their summer months. Those that are happy to ‘fetch coffee’ need not apply because, well… thatContinue Reading

Readyforce Summer Internship Survey Winners!

A few months ago, we surveyed Readyforce students on what they thought of their summer internships.  As promised, we randomly awarded four students with prizes: two got a Raspberry Pi and two got a LeapMotion. Just for fun, we asked them to send us a photo of their reaction to the good news about winning.Continue Reading

Company Spotlight – ZestFinance

What if Google was still a startup? We all know that the 28,000 employee Silicon Valley behemoth is anything but. But what if you could work alongside Google’s former CIO and VP of Engineering all while doing some good in this world?  ZestFinance, founded by Douglas Merrill and lots of other ex-Googlers and folks fromContinue Reading

Meet the 2013 Hacker Tour Sponsors

We’re on the road these days criss-crossing the country to meet the students of today’s top engineering and computer science programs. While we’re there, we are telling folks about us (obviously) and we’re also telling students about our awesome Hacker Tour sponsors that are looking to hire awesome students like them. So in case youContinue Reading

The 2013 Hacker Tour Wuz Here…

OK just for fun let’s see if you can figure out where the 2013 Hacker Tour Bus has been so far… WITHOUT CHEATING. Can you match the photo with the school? How many can you get? Tweet your answers to @Readyforce with the hashtag #HackerTour13, get 2 or more and we’ll send you a t-shirt!Continue Reading

The Career Fair Survival Kit

Get Yourself a Career Fair Survival Kit OK, you can’t actually buy one of these career fair survival kits but if you see Readyforce at your career fair, chances are one of our team members  is going to give you one. Because we’ve done a gazillion of these career fairs on our Hacker Tour, we’veContinue Reading

Hacker Madness: Demo your best software or hardware hack to compete for $1,000.

As part of this year’s 2013 Hacker Tour, we thought it would be great to add a little competition between the different schools we’re visiting on our 10 week national bus trip to the top 35 computer science and engineering schools in the country. We want to see how the top hacks from the best schoolsContinue Reading

PennApps Kicks Off The Hackathon Season

PennApps, the 48-hour hackathon took place at the University of Pennsylvania over September 6-8th, 2013 and officially kicked off the fall hackathon season. While most students were just arriving back on campus, the student organizers for PennApps had been hard at work securing sponsors, venues, food and transportation for the event all summer long. AndContinue Reading