Message templates, download resumes and CSV too!

Introducing Message Templates

We’re excited to tell you that you can now save your personal messages. No more copying and pasting! Save time by using message templates.


message templates


Don’t forget that you can select up to 50 students at a time and include your message. Tell students about your internships, new grad positions, upcoming events, and more.

Download Resumes and CSV

You asked! We delivered! You can now download resumes from your connections. Download all resumes as a ZIP file or download a CSV.

download all resumes

More features and improvements coming soon…stay tuned!

Team features

Readyforce just got a a whole lot better for teams. If you work with a team of recruiters, you don’t want to duplicate efforts and have multiple team members talking to the same students about the same positions at your company. That would just be silly.


You can now use the Connections filter and see your team’s connections, pending connections, and more. Exclude your team’s pending and connections so that you only see students who have not been contacted by your team.


Team connections


Check out your team’s activity on the student profile.
Team activity


What other team features do you want to see? Shoot us a note! We’d love to hear.


Send personal messages and search your connections

You asked, we delivered! Check out our new features for companies below. You can now send personal messages and search your connections on Readyforce. If you’d like a quick product demo or have any questions at all, let us know!

send messages to your connections

You can now send messages to your connections. Select up to 50 students at a time and include a personal message. Tell your students about your company, your internships and new grad positions, upcoming events. You can even send a quick note to say “Thanks, let’s keep in touch!”

search connections

You can now search your connections, by major, school, grad date, and keywords! We’ve made it easier for you to filter through your connections and find the students you are looking for.

company profiles

Finally, company profiles went through a major makeover. Check your company profile out. You can include photos and videos of your team, projects, and more and you can also post your positions.

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New recruiting features for companies

I’m excited to tell you that we’ve made some huge product changes recently based on lots of feedback from recruiters and companies. Check out some new recruiting tools and features: You can now select up to 50 students at a time making it faster and easier to connect with students.   Send a personal message toContinue Reading

The Legend of the 5C Hackathon and Hack Week

Readyforce partnered with Claremont Colleges’s 5C Hackathon this Fall and we were so impressed with the event, we asked Kimberly Merrill, one of the lead organizers, to tell the story of how the tradition came to be.    Signing up for a hackathon is scary. Coding for hours straight, being on the hook for aContinue Reading

Readyforce Launches Spring 2014 Campus Rep Program

Calling all marketing gurus, campus influencers, and startup-loving students: apply to be a Readyforce Campus Rep at your school for Spring 2014! We are looking for 2-3 self-starters per school who want to gain hands-on experience in marketing and entrepreneurship while significantly contributing to the growth of Readyforce. Here’s the job description and contact informationContinue Reading

Company Spotlight: WhitePages

When evaluating possible internships, engineering and computer science students with a passion for learning would be wise to put WhitePages at the top of their lists. That is if they really want to learn, write and push code during their summer months. Those that are happy to ‘fetch coffee’ need not apply because, well… thatContinue Reading

Readyforce Summer Internship Survey Winners!

A few months ago, we surveyed Readyforce students on what they thought of their summer internships.  As promised, we randomly awarded four students with prizes: two got a Raspberry Pi and two got a LeapMotion. Just for fun, we asked them to send us a photo of their reaction to the good news about winning.Continue Reading

Company Spotlight – ZestFinance

What if Google was still a startup? We all know that the 28,000 employee Silicon Valley behemoth is anything but. But what if you could work alongside Google’s former CIO and VP of Engineering all while doing some good in this world?  ZestFinance, founded by Douglas Merrill and lots of other ex-Googlers and folks fromContinue Reading