Monthly Archives: February 2013

What’s Your Major Worth?

Looking ahead to graduation and wondering what that first pay check is going to look like? Or maybe you’re about to declare your major and need a little help deciding.  You may want to take a peek at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recently published 2013 January Salary Survey.  The report looks atContinue Reading

Who Wants Pi? Raspberry Pi’s That Is…

It’s another giveaway for Readyforce students! Have you seen all the cool hacks people are building with these tiny super computers? There have been more than 1 million Pi’s sold over the past year, and folks continue to creatively push the envelop with how these credit-card sized computers can be used. We know that ReadyforceContinue Reading

Company Spotlight: Box

When a company graduates from ‘startup’ status, what happens to that fun and exciting work environment?  Well, if that company is Box, the cloud collaboration platform, the answer is: it only gets better.  For this week’s Company Spotlight, we spoke with Recruiting Operations Lead, Jennifer Nguyen about the exciting opportunities and life behind the scenes atContinue Reading

Product Highlights: Custom Profile URL’s For All!

Companies and individual Readyforce members alike now can choose their public Readyforce profile URL! Individual and company profiles URL’s currently default to either your name or company name. E.g. or If you would like to change, shorten or get creative with your individual or company profile URL the how to guide is below:Continue Reading

Company Spotlight: Chegg

Today’s company spotlight is with Amy Knapp, Director of Talent Management at Chegg. Currently they are looking to hire engineering and design interns as well as a handful of marketing interns for the 2013 summer. Read Chegg’s profile below and then connect with them via Readyforce!    As a new intern at Chegg’s  Santa Clara headquartersContinue Reading