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Last Stop Hacker Tour Coding Challenge Almost Over! New Prizes Added!

Time is Running Out! We’re in the final stretches of our Last Stop Hacker Tour coding challenge with HackerRank and have had an amazing turnout and participation. With approximately 36 hours left, we’ve added even more new prizes to the already awesome takeaways. There’s still time to enter for a chance to win and theContinue Reading

Update: Last Stop Hacker Tour Coding Challenge

Update! New Prizes! Top 50 Scores Prize Details: Uber the mobile on demand private car service liked the coding challenge so much that they wanted to offer $20 in credit to the top 50 scores! The $20 credit is for new Uber users only and can be used to summon your very own private driverContinue Reading

Michigan Hackers – Chargii Team Takes First Place

Anna and Alex recently traveled to the University of Michigan to kick off and judge the Michigan Hackers IMPACT Hack-a-thon.  Taking first place was Chargii, an iOS and Android app with hardware that can effectively manage a user’s electricity consumption.  The 5 person team, made up of  sophomores: Brad Hekman, Josh Franz, and Nathan Shields,  freshman Aubrey O’Neal andContinue Reading

HackerTour’s Last Stop: HackerRank Coding Challenge

Readyforce has teamed up with HackerRank to put on an inter-collegiate coding challenge that will take place over this upcoming Thanksgiving break.  This coding challenge will mark the end of Hacker Tour 2012 and with huge prizes and multiple schools competing it is sure to end the tour on an awesome note. What is itContinue Reading

Michigan Hackers Hosts IMPACT Hackathon

Industrious and inspiring student-led groups like Michigan Hackers have established themselves at top universities around the U.S. and gone on to host campus-wide and intercollegiate hack-a-thons. What is prompting these grassroot organizations to congregate, innovate, explore and create? What are they looking to accomplish? Readyforce recently sponsored Michigan Hackers’ 2nd hack-a-thon and caught up withContinue Reading