2 New Features: Activity Dashboard & Company Multi-User Feature

It has been a busy start to 2013 for the Dev Team here at Readyforce.  We hit the ground running and recently launched two new features that we think will be awesome for students and companies!

Check out the Activity Dashboard and the Company Multi-User features below…

Activity Dashboard

  1. Activity Dashboard ScreeshotEasy access to your activity dashboard is only a click away using the “Activity” tab near the top of your browser window.  Equipped with a handy dandy red notification badge you’re sure to know if you have any notifications waiting for you!
  2. A notifications bar will appear here if you have any pending intro requests. Click on it to open a drop down menu that contains your pending requests.
  3. Check out trending students if you are a company or trending companies if you are a student by clicking on this drop down menu.
  4. Activity on Readyforce will auto populate here in the feed to give you up to date info.  You can see updates from companies or students that you follow, new students and companies that have joined and other info we think you will find valuable.
  5. Check out how you rank in search results here. (Adding more info, pics, videos and links is never a bad way to show up in more search results)
  6. See the activity on your profile here. Check out the number of profile views you had, unique visitors to your page and if you have any new followers.

Company Multi-User Feature

  1. 2013-01-16_17-30-42Click here to add a person to your company profile.
  2. Enter the email address associated with the Readyforce profile of your employee to be added here.  (Employee must have a Readyforce profile to have a name and picture.)
  3. Click the “Company Admin” box to make the employee you’re adding an admin (multi admins supported) or click the “Receives introductions” box to make sure the employee you’re adding gets notified that your company has received an introduction request.
  4. The new employee added will appear here for all profile visitors to see!  The text on their name is a link to their Readyforce profile.

Questions? Comments? We love feedback. Let’s us know in the comments.

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