11 Ways to Make An Awesome Company Profile on Readyforce

Hey Recruiters! Here are 11 tips to make your company profile stand out and attract students to your company.


  1. Be Responsive: Respond to student introduction requests. After all, they want to learn more about your company and position(s).

  1. Actively Update your Profile: Don’t forget to update your profile page when you have new job roles or have filled roles you’ve posted on your profile. By keeping your page up-to-date, you’ll get the right students you need for the right jobs.

  1. Job Descriptions: Get creative and have some fun, but make sure students will understand the title.

  1. Job Summary:  Be clear and to the point. Include what they will be doing, what responsibilities are needed for the role, and any fringe benefits (for example, Mac equipment and free lunches). It’s important to not just link or copy and paste job reqs from ATS. Zaarly has great job summaries. Check them out here: (http://www.readyforce.com/Zaarly/1)

  1. Job Tags: What skills are required for the job? Where is the position located? All this information helps the right students find your profile and improves your search ranking. Make sure you tag all the relevant details. Apollo group does a great job of tagging their roles: (http://www.readyforce.com/ApolloGroup/1).

  1. Photos: Showing pictures of your team or office offers students a chance to connect with your company and envision what it would be like to work there.  Bonus points if you have pictures of new grads or interns working at your company. Check out these pictures of 10Gen’s intern program: (http://www.readyforce.com/rf/profile/company/10gen/1)

  1. Videos: Product or staff videos help students gain insight into your vision and company culture. We currently support YouTube and Vimeo. Copy the URL into the video section and we’ll do the rest to embed the video on your profile page. Check out Soundcloud’s videos on their profile: (http://www.readyforce.com/Soundcloud/1)

  1. A Great Summary: A succinct, fun, and informative summary of your company lets students know what your company is all about. It’s good to include an overview of your mission, your team, and any awards or accolades your company has received. Here’s a great example: AdRoll (http://www.readyforce.com/rf/profile/company/AdRoll/1)

  1. Your Logo: Don’t forget to include your company logo to help brand and bring a little color and aesthetic to your page. Make sure to use a square version of your logo. Check out Pocket Gems’ Logo: (http://www.readyforce.com/pocketgems)

  1. Location of your Company: Where are you headquartered? This info helps students in your area connect to your company. It also helps with your company’s placement in search.

  1. Links: Provide links to your website, job page, facebook and twitter so that students have all the resources they need to find out more. Epic has some great examples of links on their profile: (http://www.readyforce.com/Epic/1).

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